Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Interview Dress

The Limited's possible interview dresses were very cute, but just not what I had in mind.  I think I am going to need a trip to 12 Oaks Mall.  It is such a relief that I have my swimsuit, opening number dress, shoes, and orientation outfit.  I still need to find my interview outfit and evening gown and there are only 32 days left!

Tonight I plan on getting in a really great workout and deep cleaning my house.  Then, hopefully knocking out a good chunck of The Help, I'm so addicted to this book, I'm going to fall into a depression when I'm finished.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to the Mall

After the orientation this weekend, I learned that interview would be my FIRST interaction with the judges.  This is different from the past Miss Michigan Pageants I have competed in.  Previously, I would compete in the preliminary swimsuit and evening gown on Friday night and then interview on Saturday morning before the final competition.  Now, interview will be BEFORE the preliminary competition. 

This got me second guessing my leopard print Cache dress.  It is very cute and flattering, I just don't think it's very eye catching or memorable.  I have two dresses on hold at The Limited that I'm going to try after work since I got to get to the mall to return all the yellow dresses I have!  You can see the possible Limited interview dresses here.

I found a yellow opening number dress!  I bought it from Renee Austin in Grand Rapids.  Such an awesome store!  It's a little bit big, so I'm going to get it taken in and maybe shortened.  Here it is.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Miss Michigan Orientation

Just made it home from the Miss Michigan Orientation!  It was lots of fun - I got tons of information about the pageant weekend and had two photo shoots.  I won't be able to see any of the pictures until closer to the pageant, but I have a great pic of my makeup by Lindsey Galas Smith.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

No All Night Benders

I already got my workout in this morning.  I did lots of arms and ab exercises but then I only had enough time for a mile run.  I really like getting in 4-5 miles, so I'm going to have to give myself enough time tomorrow and Saturday.  Plus, Jason wants me to strength train EVERY day until I workout with him again.  Sunday will be a little bit of a challenge since I'll be in Port Huron for Miss Michigan Orientation! - I'll make it work somehow. 

So, after tutoring tonight I'm going to have a drink with some friends.  A drink meaning like ONE low calorie low carb alcoholic drink.  Jason has approved of this as long as I don't go on an all night bender... not that I ever do that. ;-)  So, I'll probably be picking some thing like this...

A draft in a nice big glass :) 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 38 - Power Shopper

Last night, I tried on every yellow dress I could find.  I ended up buying two.  I'm not particularly crazy about either of them.  Thank goodness for returns!

I think I might have found a dress for interview.  I tried on a few at Cache that I liked.  This is the one I liked the best.  All the other pageants I've done, I've worn a suit for interview, but I've heard that's not what the cool girls are doing these days...  I've also learned that most of the clothes I wear make me look larger than I actually am.  :-(  I really want to pick out something black, but I've also been told that black isn't FUN.  So, I'm sort of lost when it comes to picking out something for interview.

I would have liked this so much better in black!  The sleeves were a weird length on me though.

This looks like a party dress, not an interview dress.

My favorite (makes me feel like a Kardashian), but I sort of feel like it might be too casual - and the print... is it fun? or is it unprofessional for interview?  We'll see!


I'll be working out with Jason tonight and getting things ready for Miss Michigan orientation this weekend!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

39 Days

I can't believe the time is going by so FAST!  Last night I got in a great 5 mile run while enjoying one of my guilty pleasures - Nancy Grace!  It's interesting and sad to see Tot Pop so close to home.  When I was finished running, someone asked me if I was training for something special - I don't think he expected me to say Miss Michigan! 

Tonight I am going to get in some good strength training and I need to get to Meridian Mall.  I have a meeting with my pageant coach on Saturday and I don't have anything new to show her - this has happened too often!  I really need to find a yellow opening number dress and silver shoes.  I have some shoes from past pageants, but they are a little worn out and don't stay on my feet very well.  This is where I plan to go:

The Limited
I wish Aldo was on that list, but Meridian doesn't have one.  If I can't find shoes, I'll have to try Burlington Coat Factory and DSW later this week.  Phew! So much to do - wish me luck!

Monday, August 22, 2011

40 Days - Weekend in Grand Rapids

Back to reality after a fun weekend in GR!  I got my Friday workout in before work so I could get on the road to Grand Rapids asap.  When I got there, I headed straight to my cousin Lisa's jewelry party with my mom and grandma. 

Here they are supporting me when I gave up my title as Pulaski Court 2009. 

Late on Friday, I headed out to spend some time bachelorette party planning with Ashleigh and Ashley!  It was fun to have a grown up girls sleep over! 

On Saturday morning I had to get a good workout in before I started my day.  So, I picked up Aunt Jackie (my sisters dog) and we headed to Riverside Park

Aunt Jackie before our run.

The sky was looking pretty dark when we got there, but it wasn't raining.  It is a two mile stretch from one end of the park to the other.  I had intended to run the two miles to the other end and walk the two miles back to the car.  As soon as we turned around to head back... DOWNPOUR!  We weren't going to be wasting any time, so we ran the whole way back to the car.

Here is Aunt Jacki and I after our run.  Poor Aunt Jackie. 

The rain quit in time for the West Michigan Whitecaps game and I spent the night shaking my hips to some salsa and bachata at Pietro's Salsa Night

Sunday was my workout rest day - mostly because my shoes were soaked!  I spent the afternoon cheering our Whitecaps on to a victory over the South Bend Silver Hawks and got a picture with my two favorite players.

Outfielders Luis Castillo (left) and Steven Moya.

I'm excited to get in a good hard workout tonight!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 43 - Becoming Lean

Only 43 days left - time is seriously flying!  I'm starting to feel really good about the way my body is shaping up.  I definitely have muscles I've never had before, and I'm diggin' it and also FEELING it - so incredibly sore!    Everything I do is painful - walking, driving, sitting in my chair, talking on my phone.  I really enjoy it though, in a weird masochistic kind of way.  Maybe the pain reminds me of all the hard work I've put in.  This move really gets me - the sumo squat swing.  This is the closest youtube video I could find to demo the torture Jason puts me through.  I might have already posted a video that was similar.

Jason seems pleased with the way I'm slimming down as well - I'm becoming more lean while retaining a feminine shape.  The feminine shape is extremely important... to me.  I would be seriously upset if I began to look MASCULINE! omg... 

This weekend will be a real temptation with lots of food and going out with my friends.  I have graciously volunteered to be the Designated Driver to give me an incentive to stick to Diet Coke and H2O - maybe I should just tell the bartender to draw M's on my hands just in case a delicious cocktail sounds intriguing.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dresses, Treadmill, MasterChef!

I left Fantastic Finds last night empty handed.  They didn't have anything that would work for opening number since all the yellow cocktail length dresses looked like this...

I tried two of them on and I looked like a cupcake.  It's not cute to look like a cupcake if you are older than 10.  I wouldn't even want that if I were going to prom... :( 

So, I am still lacking a yellow opening number dress.  I did try on some awesome evening gowns though!  Coincidentally, both of the ones I picked out were Tony Bowls.  One was red with a sweetheart neck and the other was a champagne colored with a sexy slit.  I think I like the red one best.  You can see them on my Pageant Pinterest.  They are labeled 'Fantastic Finds Tony Bowls.'

I was able to get through another 5 miles on the treadmill last night!  I tried to forget I was running by keeping my attention on MasterChef.  I was rooting for Adrian's Mexican food, but was happy to see former Miss Delaware USA, Jennifer Behm, win the title. 

Wow, it's hard to believe such an unflattering swimsuit was in style.  Here she is as the new MasterChef!  Is that a yellow dress she's wearing!?  Where did she FIND that!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

David's Bridal

After work yesterday I stopped by David's Bridal to check out the clearance and the front rack of cocktail dresses to see if there was anything usable in yellow.  There were a couple of yellow sun dresses... nothing really special and it was pretty close to feeding time (I eat a little meal every three hours) so I was getting pretty bitchy.  I really just wanted to take a quick peek and get home to eat and the sales girl wanted to show me how all the bridesmaids dresses come in yellow and I said something along the lines of, "I'm not spending that much to just get one of these bland bridesmaid dresses.  I can't use any of these."  She seemed really offended, but honestly, they ARE pretty bland.  I was out of there and eating in no time!

Tonight I'm going to try Fantastic Finds.  They have a much bigger selection, so I'm going to bring a snack! 

Last night's workout included 5 1/4 miles on the treadmill!  I'm going to try to do it again tonight for the MasterChef Finale - Go Adrian!

Monday, August 15, 2011

47 Days to Go!

Lots on the agenda for tonight!  I'll be off to David's Bridal to see if they have a yellow dress that I could use for opening number.  Running some errands and sweatin at the gym.  I am going to try to coordinate cardio with the Part I Finale of MasterChef. 

I am so addicted to this show. 

Ahhhh, it feels so nice not to have class!  :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

50 Days

Finals are over, thank GOD!  There are 50 days to go and it's time to get down to business.  I need a gown!  I also need an interview outfit and an opening number dress.  The opening number dress I have now is lacking a WOW factor, so it's a backup. 

This weekend I'll be hitting up the local dress shops looking for something amazing... not sure what that might be yet, I guess I'll know it when I see it.  I also need to get some hot rollers.  YIKES!  These frighten me.  I guess I'm gonna have to start practicing giving myself the big pageant hair.  My coach gave me some hot roller hair last night.  This is how it looked. 

Not too bad, a little wild.  I might have to consult the queen of hot rollers herself. 

My mom!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tax Law and Oberon

Tax Law final is OVER!  One down and one to go.  My evidence final is tomorrow, yuck!  I devoted all of my energy yesterday to work and tax law, so it was a no gym day.  I did, however, celebrate the completion of tax law with an evening on the patio at Brannigan Brothers.

This celebration received the approval of Jason.  He also approved the sweet, sweet flavors of Oberon! 

I say, if you are going to cheat of your diet, you might as well make it worthwhile.  So good I can't even feel guilty about it!  Gym and studying tonight.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 55

Now that the bloat situation is well taken care of, some pretty cute abs have shown up!  Please ignore my messy room.  I'll be studying tax law for the next 24 hours.  Adios!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Study and Gym

I'll be spending most of my day studying in my bed with this cute guy.

I'll make it over to the gym eventually.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 58

Here are some of the gowns I love.  I really like one sleeve, trumpet shaped dresses.  We'll see.

Training and Finals

This week has been really difficult for me to set aside the time I'd like to train.  I really wish I could be putting in some hard hours at the gym, but I seriously need to study for my finals next week Monday and Wednesday. 

I'm meeting with Jason tonight and I have made up my mind that I'm going to totally kick ass.  I need to make up for dragging last week! 

I also have a new obsession.  Pinterest! It is a super awesome website that lets you 'pin' things you find on the web into a category that you create so you can check it out later.  I'm constantly emailing myself different links and this is so much easier.  I am hooked!  Standby for a pageant gown pin board.  :)  I still need to find a gown!  Ok, 6 more days of school and then I can really concentrate on Miss Michigan.

Today is the Farmer's Market Day at the Capitol!  This is my second favorite day of the year, it is right behind Agricultural Day.  (pretty similar except the stuff on Ag Day is FREE) 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 60 - Cravings!

I can't believe the pageant is only 60 days away!  I have to really buckle down on my training and preparation, especially this month since September is going to be busy with bachelorette parties and other shenanigans! 

I have never had much of a sweet tooth.  I typically prefer a salty snack like tortilla chips and guacamole over anything sugary and sweet.  Except today!  I was having a major sugar craving so I had to dig these guys out of the candy jar. 

Ok, now time to focus!  I'll eat all the chocolate I can get my hands on in 61 Days! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 61 - Building Muscles

Since working with Jason, I have noticed that I'm starting to get some good muscle definition. Here are some of the moves that really get my body burning.