Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 43 - Becoming Lean

Only 43 days left - time is seriously flying!  I'm starting to feel really good about the way my body is shaping up.  I definitely have muscles I've never had before, and I'm diggin' it and also FEELING it - so incredibly sore!    Everything I do is painful - walking, driving, sitting in my chair, talking on my phone.  I really enjoy it though, in a weird masochistic kind of way.  Maybe the pain reminds me of all the hard work I've put in.  This move really gets me - the sumo squat swing.  This is the closest youtube video I could find to demo the torture Jason puts me through.  I might have already posted a video that was similar.

Jason seems pleased with the way I'm slimming down as well - I'm becoming more lean while retaining a feminine shape.  The feminine shape is extremely important... to me.  I would be seriously upset if I began to look MASCULINE! omg... 

This weekend will be a real temptation with lots of food and going out with my friends.  I have graciously volunteered to be the Designated Driver to give me an incentive to stick to Diet Coke and H2O - maybe I should just tell the bartender to draw M's on my hands just in case a delicious cocktail sounds intriguing.  Wish me luck!

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