Monday, August 22, 2011

40 Days - Weekend in Grand Rapids

Back to reality after a fun weekend in GR!  I got my Friday workout in before work so I could get on the road to Grand Rapids asap.  When I got there, I headed straight to my cousin Lisa's jewelry party with my mom and grandma. 

Here they are supporting me when I gave up my title as Pulaski Court 2009. 

Late on Friday, I headed out to spend some time bachelorette party planning with Ashleigh and Ashley!  It was fun to have a grown up girls sleep over! 

On Saturday morning I had to get a good workout in before I started my day.  So, I picked up Aunt Jackie (my sisters dog) and we headed to Riverside Park

Aunt Jackie before our run.

The sky was looking pretty dark when we got there, but it wasn't raining.  It is a two mile stretch from one end of the park to the other.  I had intended to run the two miles to the other end and walk the two miles back to the car.  As soon as we turned around to head back... DOWNPOUR!  We weren't going to be wasting any time, so we ran the whole way back to the car.

Here is Aunt Jacki and I after our run.  Poor Aunt Jackie. 

The rain quit in time for the West Michigan Whitecaps game and I spent the night shaking my hips to some salsa and bachata at Pietro's Salsa Night

Sunday was my workout rest day - mostly because my shoes were soaked!  I spent the afternoon cheering our Whitecaps on to a victory over the South Bend Silver Hawks and got a picture with my two favorite players.

Outfielders Luis Castillo (left) and Steven Moya.

I'm excited to get in a good hard workout tonight!

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