Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Inlaid Wood Cricut Cards

I just made some new cards using the Boho Graphics Cartridge.  I am really excited about the way they turned out and am already thinking up some new ideas. 

I got these rolls of drawer liner at the dollar store and thought I could use them to create a really cool inlaid wood look.

I used the owl image from the free trial of the Boho Graphics and a rectangle from the Cricut Craft Room Basics that was just slightly smaller than my card.  I cut it out on both the darker and the lighter wood grain liner.

I set my needle at 3 and my pressure and speed low and slow.  Even though these images were fairly intricate, I had no problem at all getting a nice, easy clean cut.

The best part was no GLUE!  Since the material is meant to stick to the bottom of drawers and shelves, I could just stick it right to my card, no gluing involved.  This project was incredibly easy and, in my opinion, makes a big impact. 

I used the same technique with some different images and different patterned liners.

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