Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to the Mall

After the orientation this weekend, I learned that interview would be my FIRST interaction with the judges.  This is different from the past Miss Michigan Pageants I have competed in.  Previously, I would compete in the preliminary swimsuit and evening gown on Friday night and then interview on Saturday morning before the final competition.  Now, interview will be BEFORE the preliminary competition. 

This got me second guessing my leopard print Cache dress.  It is very cute and flattering, I just don't think it's very eye catching or memorable.  I have two dresses on hold at The Limited that I'm going to try after work since I got to get to the mall to return all the yellow dresses I have!  You can see the possible Limited interview dresses here.

I found a yellow opening number dress!  I bought it from Renee Austin in Grand Rapids.  Such an awesome store!  It's a little bit big, so I'm going to get it taken in and maybe shortened.  Here it is.

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