Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 38 - Power Shopper

Last night, I tried on every yellow dress I could find.  I ended up buying two.  I'm not particularly crazy about either of them.  Thank goodness for returns!

I think I might have found a dress for interview.  I tried on a few at Cache that I liked.  This is the one I liked the best.  All the other pageants I've done, I've worn a suit for interview, but I've heard that's not what the cool girls are doing these days...  I've also learned that most of the clothes I wear make me look larger than I actually am.  :-(  I really want to pick out something black, but I've also been told that black isn't FUN.  So, I'm sort of lost when it comes to picking out something for interview.

I would have liked this so much better in black!  The sleeves were a weird length on me though.

This looks like a party dress, not an interview dress.

My favorite (makes me feel like a Kardashian), but I sort of feel like it might be too casual - and the print... is it fun? or is it unprofessional for interview?  We'll see!


I'll be working out with Jason tonight and getting things ready for Miss Michigan orientation this weekend!

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