Monday, January 30, 2012

Back to Reality - Cold and Snowy

A - MAZ - ING vacation at the Riu Montego Bay.  Relaxing by the pool in the gorgeous sun was a great change from the Michigan snow and cold.  Had lots of fun sipping Pina Coladas, snorkeling, and tanning.  I hope I can go back to the Riu again one day. 

So, back to reality.  Michigan is freezing and on that note - I am officially signed up for my first adult figure skating competition and my first competition in 7 years!  Yikes!  I've only been back on the ice a few times and I've been able to land an axel and a double salchow.  I'm hoping to get a double toe loop and a double loop to add to that list!  Here's the countdown - wish me LUCK!

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Competitions

I have been so eager to dive into a new challenge and I am pumped about two opportunities that I have come across.  One, is a competition which would donate money to a charity of my choosing (more on that later) and the second one is competing in the Adult Midwestern Figure Skating Sectionals! 

I haven't competed in a figure skating competition in 7 years!  Phew - it's hard to believe it was that long ago.  It was, however, quite a highlight of my skating career.  My last competition was Collegiate Synchronized Nationals and my team - Western Michigan University - placed 2nd!  Here we are featured in Synchronized Skating Magazine!

There I am, the person furthest to the right.

Recently though, I have really been itching to get back on the ice.  The competition is a qualifying event held in Grand Rapids on March 16-18.  Soooo here's the new countdown!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday Vacations

To top off a truly awesome month, I'm getting ready to head to JAMAICA!  I can not be more excited! 

The past few weeks has been spent rarely working, no school, and lots of time with family and friends.  What could be better?  My mom and I spent a week in Orlando visiting my sister.  We were home for Christmas - with horrible food poisoning (not a highlight of Christmas vacation...).  Rang in 2012 with lots of friends and now looking forward to a week of fun and sun HERE at the Riu Montego Bay Resort!

This will be me.  Ahhhhh :)

Also, I updated my Interesting People page of awesome people that I have met, or in some cases, just gotten close enough to take a picture of. Check it out!