Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Biggest Loser!

So, I had THOUGHT I had gotten back into the swing of things and onto a regular workout routine and good eating habits... but one thing led to another - an inconvenient illness (as if being sick is ever convenient), a friends wedding, school, work, tutoring, a broken doggie leg, home improvements, drama, and stress - and my life was a total mess. 

I can confidently say that I am back on track - PHEW!  It was a rough few weeks but I am eating better, working out regularly, my house is clean!  Plus, I have a few awesome things to look forward to - finals being over in a week, visiting my sister, and a trip to the Dominican Republic! 

Oh yeah, also my favorite show, "The Biggest Loser," is down to the final 4 and what a better way to celebrate than to spot the Biggest Loser Crew live in ACTION!

That is Dolvett Quince, one of the trainers from the show at MY gym!  Quite a coincidence that I would be working out at the exact time he stopped by to workout with a contestant for next season. 

Good things are happening, so much to be thankful for.