Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I. de S. and Wife v. W. de S

Every law student in the US reads the same handful of CLASSIC cases -  the Palsgraf case for instance.

Here is my tribute to I. de S. and Wife v. W. de S.  ENJOY!

The plaintiff was suing on behalf of his wife,
because the defendant was inches from taking her life!
This husband was simply holding a grudge,
the drunkard explained to the judge,
"I was slamming my ax on the door
when out popped the head of his whore.
She stuck her face out the window to see the cause of this racket,
and her head nearly missed the blade of my hatchet.
An imminent battery I wanted her to think,
so she would be frightened and get me a drink."
The judge would not have it
this can't be a habit.
He declared the defendant at fault
we will not tolerate assault!
So the next time you are in need of some wine,
you better remember this line...
if you swing your hatchet at the head of your neighbor.
the court's ruling will not be found in your favor.

Chuey is pooped out from studying the Uniform Commercial Code!

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