Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beautiful Places: Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

The Caribbean Beach Resort is considered a Disney Moderate Resort, a step up from the Disney Value Resort where I stayed last year.  The differences I noticed were in the outside appearance of the hotel and the pool and cafeteria area, called Old Port Royale.  There really wasn't much difference in the actual room at all. 

From the outside, the Caribbean Beach Resort looks like a tropical getaway.  The pool is COOL!  I didn't go in, but if I were 13 or under, I would have loved hanging out in the pirate ship pool.  The secluded hammocks and view of the lake were more my style. 

The downside, this resort is big and our room was pretty far away from Old Port Royale.  To get to there, we had to take a bus around the lake.  Often, it was more convenient to skip breakfast and coffee at the Old Port Royale and head straight to the park than to wait for a bus to the cafeteria.  Unless you are going to spend a significant amount of time on the Disney Resort, I would probably recommend the Value Resort.  It's the same room and you don't need to take a bus to get your coffee.

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