Friday, January 6, 2012

New Competitions

I have been so eager to dive into a new challenge and I am pumped about two opportunities that I have come across.  One, is a competition which would donate money to a charity of my choosing (more on that later) and the second one is competing in the Adult Midwestern Figure Skating Sectionals! 

I haven't competed in a figure skating competition in 7 years!  Phew - it's hard to believe it was that long ago.  It was, however, quite a highlight of my skating career.  My last competition was Collegiate Synchronized Nationals and my team - Western Michigan University - placed 2nd!  Here we are featured in Synchronized Skating Magazine!

There I am, the person furthest to the right.

Recently though, I have really been itching to get back on the ice.  The competition is a qualifying event held in Grand Rapids on March 16-18.  Soooo here's the new countdown!

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