Thursday, July 14, 2011

Close the Kitchen!

Just met with my coach!  We checked out swimsuits, gowns and interview options.  Also, the swimsuit I have is not going to work out :(  I had a feeling... I ordered it from Victoria's Secret and was super surprised at the MASSIVE amount of padding.  Looking at it online now and I should have know since the description says "instantly adding up to two full cup sizes for maximum cleavage and fullness." 

Looks good on her, looks slightly offensive on me as I don't need any extra padding on top.  I'm not even sure what 2 extra cup sizes would be on me... an F?! 

Also, tonight we worked on my pageant STRUT!  So, I have a list of about 10 little things I need to keep in mind while performing my pageant walk.  This list includes closing the KITCHEN - by kitchen I mean va-jay-jay!  Keeping the legs close together to get a nice feminine wiggle. 

So... I'll be practicing this for the next 30 minutes and then off to bed.

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