Tuesday, July 19, 2011

74 Days to Go

I'm dropping lbs like the Biggest Loser!  I've lost 3 pounds since I met with my trainer last week.  I'm going to work with him again tomorrow.  I'm so excited to be getting into shape!  I have really learned a lot from Jason and I've only trained with him once so far. 

Breakfast was CHOCOLATY steel cut oats!  I mixed in a little flax seed, honey, and a spoonful of Ovaltine.    Brussel sprouts are on the menu for later today. 

I really like brussel sprouts, I just wish I could put salt on them... MRS. DASH to the rescue!  Seriously, I have been putting Mrs. Dash on everything... Here's my lunch (which is also what I'll be having for snack and dinner)

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