Saturday, March 14, 2015

Room Makeover

Our basement guest room needed a little bit of an upgrade.  The paint color looks kind of grey in this picture but in the light it was sort of a purple or periwinkle color.  Not good.

For the room makeover, I ordered two canvas prints of my grandparents from Easy Canvas Prints and picked out a new paint color.  It was my first time ordering from Easy Canvas and I was pleased with the quality of the product.  I had tried to upload my photos to a few other canvas printing websites and I didn't like the way the websites were cropping my photo to wrap it around the canvas frame.  On Easy Canvas Prints, the section that wrapped around the frame was a mirror image of my photo, so there was no cropping of the photo on the front surface.  

I choose a custom size 18''x18'' standard wrap.  When I ordered the canvases, I had this spot in mind for them but in the original photos both my grandparents were looking toward the left.  I just didn't think I would like it if I hung the photos next to one another and they weren't facing each other.  So, I did a little Picasa magic and flipped one photo horizontally by selecting it and holding "Ctrl"-"Shift"-"H" you can also flip vertical by holding "Ctrl"-"Shift"-"V"

The paint is Glidden Bluegrass White in eggshell. While I was painting, I thought I wasn't going to like the color because it just looked white.  I was hoping for a soft mint color.  The color showed up after it was dry and I was so pleased with it.

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