Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4 Days

4 days until crowning, 3 days until preliminary competition, and 2 days until I drive up to Port Huron!  I feel so ready, I have been pageant strutting all around Lansing.  I have also been downing water like CRAZY!  It's time to hydrate so I'm not retaining any water for the swimsuit competition.  Tonight I have to get everything I need organized/steamed/packed/purchased. 

Tomorrow is my last workout with Jason before the pageant (I'll probably still workout with him regularly after the competition).  Also, tomorrow, I need to make sure I have all the makeup I need.   I typically don't wear very much and everything I have right now is old, dried up and the wrong colors...

So, I am also pretty excited about Pulaski Days!  It's coming up next weekend.  Here's Sarah and I in 2009 at the Pulaski Day Parade.

Also, here's what I looked like when I made the top 15 at Miss Michigan Teen 2003!

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