Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 70 - So Much Yellow!

This morning's workout was QUICK!  I ran a fast 8 minute mile (that's pretty fast for me!) with a 2 minute cool down and I was out of there.  I would have liked to put in much more than 10 minutes, but I slept in and I had to get to my meeting with the pageant coach at 1pm.  The only thing that had come in on time for me to show her was the new bikini.  I ordered three different styles and two ended up being HUGE!  (That's not something that happens very often.)  The one style that fit ended up being perfect - very flattering. 

 When I got back home, my front porch was loaded with packages of clothes I had ordered - figures...  So, the next meeting I'm going to have tons of options. all yellow.  The director for Miss Michigan has decided all the girls will wear yellow for swimwear, opening number, and official photo.  Here's what I got!

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