Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 65 - Burning the Candle and Cable Free

Jason could sense that I was lacking in enthusiasm yesterday.  I was disappointed that I wasn't psyched to strength train and I hadn't really realized that I was dragging until he pointed it out.  So, he pushed me and challenged me and encouraged me and I survived.  I tried to explain that it wasn't that I didn't WANT to be there, I was just BURNT OUT.

Here's a breakdown of a typical day:
Work - 8 hours
Gym - 1.5 hours
Class - 3 Hours
Sleep - 8 Hours (8 is a total exaggeration, I'd love to get 8hrs...)

Ok, so it's only 4 things, but this adds up to 20.5 hours.  I have 3 and a half extra hours in the day that I usually fill with taking a shower, cooking, driving, playing with my dogs, watching MasterChef or just laying around. 

On that note, I wouldn't live my life any other way.  I've never lived my life any other way and I can't imagine having daily hours of downtime.  If I DID have some extra time, I would probably sleep more, finish my second bachelors degree (which will happen eventually), or take up a new hobby.  I really do enjoy packing up my schedule like this, but I can't say it doesn't wear me out.  I have a reputation for falling asleep during movies, seriously.  One time I woke up for work with my computer still on my lap (hands on keys).  I slept the ENTIRE night like that!  It bothers me that I rely so heavily on caffeine, but if I didn't I'd be face down on the floor by 7pm. 

So, (grandma) this is why I don't have cable in my home.  I have no idea when this would be used...  It's not that I can't afford cable - believe me - sitting in front of the tube would be MUCH cheaper than 'Body by Jason.'  I guess cable's just not important to me.

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